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When things do run out it's also incredibly expensive to top things - most UK operators charge around £7 for 1GB of extra data.

Many people have no idea where their data goes each month but there are plenty of ways your smartphone will munch through your allowance.

If your phone is set to fetch data wirelessly at specific intervals, you will quickly consume data.

Stop it by going into your settings and turning it off.

Running out of monthly 3G and 4G data has become a modern day nightmare.

With most mobile operators not offering unlimited packages, it's easy to find yourself without access to the internet on your smartphone.

In case you have discarded your number and have purchased a new one, you should also update the new number on your Facebook account.

The other benefit of stopping this is that it should help preserve battery life too.4.

You can reset the date on this, so you could track things across a day, a week, a month etc.

This way you can understand your usage and determine what may be the cause of the issue. Download content to use offline Two of the biggest data drainers are video streaming (especially if in HD) and music streaming, so if you’re an avid fan of binging on box sets, listen closely.

Registering mobile number on Facebook also helps at the time of password recovery and for easier account logins.

But all the above only function properly if you are using a running and working mobile number.

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